The Haymaker by cwexplorationphotography

++check it out in full screen, lots of little details in this one++

My new Website is up and running 😀

This photo comes from a late afternoon jaunt down to Cape Kiwanda to snag some sunset shots. I made it down about 45 minutes before sunset after hitting up Ecola State Park and some other areas along HWY 101 so I took a quick catnap in my Jeep, made some coffee and got to work. I normally miss out on epic conditions that everyone else seems to bag while chasing light but once in a while I get lucky. This was definitely one of those times. Just as the sun began to drop below those famous cliffs the skies opened up and I got nailed by some pretty gnarly weather. Thunderstorms moved in and I was pretty damn excited to say the least! Gotta love the PNW! This is up there with my all time favorite photos; hopefully everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!

Cape Kiwanda, OR


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