Shadows of the past. by mosmerabsamii

Please inlarge to full screen. Please view in black.
The brocoli says” I look like a small tree”, the mushroom says “i look like an umbrella”, The walnut says “I look like a brain”. The banana says”can we please change the subject”.
Now to a more serious subject..Is envey or jealousy acceptable in photography or artistic expression? No, not at all. What is acceptable is admeration and acknowledgement towards the creator of that piece of work, be it a photo or any other kind of art. When we visit a museum,art gallery etc. We visit them to admire and appreciate the handy work of the artist never thinking of, if I could do that. But you CAN, just use your imagination and a bit of grey matter and you will also achieve what others have… If one should get jealous of other peoples’ work, then jealousy should be ones ammo. Power that feeling into energy and put it into the passion of your art.

via 500px

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