The Sweet Smell of Summer by AaronReedPhotography

The Sweet Smell of Summer – Mt Rainier National Park

If you were planning on taking a late August road trip or booked a workshop to view the wildflowers this year on Rainier, chances are you are going to miss them, unless you are going this week. This is the earliest I have ever seen the flowers and due to a 30% snow pack this year, you are seeing this at the end of June, almost 2 months early. It is HOT around here this week and with nothing but blue sky in the forecast and the flowers up top already past peak, this is your only shot to see them, or to shoot them this year. If you go…bring SERIOUS mosquito repellant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I got a chance Saturday to run up here with the big dawg Vinny Pickens and we had a good time shooting and hiking waaaay out of the way to see a river/waterfall I have never seen on the mountain before due to the fact it is usually under snow and ice. Good times.

via 500px

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