Eye of the Mariner by everlookphotography

Mariner’s Falls
Otway Ranges

“He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.”

(From one of few poems I know by Coleridge : Rime of the ancient mariner)

I was playing around with reflections and masking for this one. The path is officially closed due to fallen trees and the associated risk. Though they obscure the falls, I thought it would make for an interesting concept /composition to shoot through the trees. (Original image is the right half).

The story of this falls is again another microcosm of our recent family trip. We had decided to make an outing to this spot before lunch at Apollo Bay (45 minutes from our accommodation) but as we approached, the signs said ‘closed’. Not knowing what that meant, we visited Carisbrook Falls instead before having lunch with the kids. Having been underwhelmed by Carisbrook , I figured (to Marianne’s chagrin) that we might as well visit something nicer and I doubted that they would have ‘boarded up’ the area to the falls. True enough, there was an advisory sign that there was risk of falling trees. Due to building family angst, I decided to sprint to the falls and back allowing myself half an hour return for the walk and pics. Snap snap snap , sweat sweat sweat and back to potentially triple tantrums! Lucky all was forgiven 🙂 I know we like to present that our family trips are this family nirvana of everyone being happy but the truth is, its sometimes pretty hard to do what you want without upsetting others (oh except Charlotte, she was just crazy on 4 year old adrenaline all trip) and in retrospect, probably should have either visited this spot initially or not at all. But its such a sweet spot though!!!

More news – Marianne has been hard working behind the scenes on our website including the following recent additions:
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