The end (of day) by DavidGomes1

The end of day from Pestana Hotel in São Tomé and Principe! Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

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Head in the Clouds by AdelbertEllingsgaard

The top of the Island of Koltur is hidden in the clouds, on a day when the weather is trying to decide between sunshine or a storm.
The small road leads down to the little village of Norðradalur with a population of aprox. 14 people.
Have a really nice weekend.

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road to nowhere by bessarionchakhvadze

девственная природа, кажущаяся свирепой, но в тоже время и пьянящей. Здесь нет мобильной коммуникации, нет асфальтированных дорог, в некоторых деревнях нет электричества. Однако, имеются весьма комфортабельные гостевые дома. Инфраструктура не налажена здесь, но это еще больше заманивает сюда любителей экстрима.

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#shelfie by AaronGroen

3 shot panorama of the massive shelf cloud the other night in eastern South Dakota.
7/25/2015 – 10:15:52 PM north of Dell Rapids, SD
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Waterdrops on Hydrangea by john-win

I have taken this photo inside in front of a black background and with one continuous light.

Best on black background (please hit H).

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