Mono Lake Sunset by ErwinBuske

This image was taken just after sunset looking out across the shoreline Tufas to the waters of Mono Lake and the eastern Sierras beyond. This image transpired like so many others that I have taken. I am at the iconic site taking an image along with a line of other photographers as the sunsets and turn around to notice that this is not really where the show is happening, it is at a completely different vantage point and section of the lake! I quickly abandoned my original intentions, following my instincts and the light to the vantage point of this image. Most of the day consisted of dark cloudy skies mixed with occasional rain. Just before sunset, the sun found a small opening in the clouds over the Eastern Sierras illuminating and color the skies over the eastern part of the lake only. This is a blend of three images for exposure using layer masks.

via 500px

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