Light Divided by Pcoskun

A very foggy evening on the Olympic coast provided some unique and interesting conditions (at least for this desert dog). I love photographing fog since I don’t get to see it too often. I also find it to be a challenge. I was hoping for a lot of foggy days during this trip and it wasn’t until I made my way to the furthest point on my “agenda” that I got some nice heavy fog. I waited at this beach for hours hoping that maybe just for a moment, the fog would break ever so slightly to allow some warm light to filter over the beach. I noticed a few small patches of blue in the sky amidst the thick fog, so I knew there was a possibility it could happen. There was in fact one point where the entire beach was a tobacco color as the fog thinned out and the low sun tried to filter it’s way through. This happened again just before the clouds closed up for good allowing this brief contrast of light between warm and cool. Looking at the dozen or so shots from this composition, the water in this frame jumped out at me the most, as if it was creating a dividing line between the light. The depth the fog created didn’t hurt either. One of the more unusual and dreamlike evenings I have experienced.

via 500px

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