Architectural Footprint by Marcel_Zizkat

Please view on maximum size.
This picture was sharpend for a 1920pixel monitor. Black doenst make it better. so white will be enough 😀

While cruising around in Berlin for some spots to do some long exposed Black and White architecture shots, I passed this great building with this awsome staircase.
I realy like this architecture. So clean, so straight. This plants produce some nice colortouch to the black and white atmosphere.

While having a look up there, this scenery realy reminded me on a footprint. Like an absolute individual footprint of the building. The nice edges of the stairs beeing the toes. With the ball of the foot and the heel.

A great architectural footprint of this old and beautiful building in the middle of Berlin.

Hope you enjoy the scenery.
Any comments are more than welcome.

via 500px

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