Batad by julvar

Nothing comes easy in life and that’s especially true in the Cordillera Mountains. To see the attractions you have to sweat it out. After five hour trekking, unfolding before my eyes was the majestic man made marvel of ancient Filipino engineering, the Batad Rice Terraces. There are rice terraces and there is Batad and its amphitheater of rice terraces. if you’re looking for a perfect first “Oohh” and “Aahh” moment than this is it. It’s blinding beauty only amplifies it’s sheer size. Seriously, this place looks like a mega-concert stadium venue, where the bleachers are row after row of perfectly sculpted green terraces ( build from rocks ). It’s so gigantic that you could easily fit in all of Manilla’s twenty million residents and still have space left over. Referred to as the “Stairway to Heaven,” the terraces were created from the land over 2000 years ago by the Ifugao tribal peoples using primitive tools, an achievement of engineering that ranks alongside construction of the Pyramids. As you can see it’s not luxurious, my “hotel room” was just a small hut, but the view and the serenity of the surrounding nature more than made up for it.

via 500px

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