Awakening Paine Grande by ArturStanisz

It is a very early Patagonian morning in the Chilean Torres del Paine. The dark night colours haven’t been able to disappear, yet. The thick nocturnal blanket is still visible and successfully encapsulates the sky above the Paine Grande. Suddenly, a shy pink colour emerges from behind. It is quickly growing in intensity. I am grabbing my camera and I am trying to make it operational as soon as possible. I am running in my mind landscape photographer’s mantra: aperture, shutter speed, ISO. I have a very close foreground! Not easy…. Focus blending will be necessary. The colours on the sky are intensifying. I am executing my first shot. It is too windy and reflection is too blurry. Second shot. It is a bit better. The wind is calming down. I am taking another five shots to catch the best show. I am done with that. Now I need the shot for the foreground. I am trying to focus, but it is too dark. So I am turning my headlamp on. Focus and then shot. I am rechecking the focus. The shot looks sharp. But just in case I am taking one more photo.
The description above presents the whole 10 minutes that I needed to execute this shot. The photo was taken during the Patagonia Photo Adventure 2015 that I organized for people interested in photography and travelling. My Patagonia Photo Adventure 2016 is being prepared right now. Patagonian light doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to go back to see it again!

via 500px

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