Nore Stave Church, Norway by EuropeTrotter

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Nore Stave Church is located in Nore og Uvdal kommune in Buskerud. Nore Stave Church is a Numedal kind of stave church. Nore Stave Church was built approximately 1167, as a choir church. It had balconies, choir and cross arms and apse. This was very rare at this time, and we do not know of other churches in Norway or Europe that could have been a model for the structure.
The church was partly rebuilt in the 1600- and 1700s. There are remains of beautiful decorative painting dated from 1655 and 1683.
In the same way as in Uvdal stave wood carvings in Nore is very artfully done with tendril and animal wood carvings. Animal characters are dragons and lions, and portals are related to similar portals in Telemark.
In the stave church there is also two inscriptions, one of them is a prayer: “Treat me you all the best.” The two crucifixes can be from the middle Ages, and during the excavation revealed a piece of painting that seems to originate from the late middle Ages.
The church seems to have been richly endowed with art objects. The Christian symbols probably spoke more directly to the medieval population than they do to people of today. Art objects and decoration of the stave churches in Nore og Uvdal confirms the impression we have from other stave churches, that it was the first half of the Middle Ages which was the most creative period.

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