Ice-Land by DanielHerr

Purity. Wilderness. Freedom. I never ask for more in life.

This was the most strange day I can remember during my latest winter-trip to Iceland. We decided to take flight to the Bárðarbunga/Holhraun Eruption which still was active in January 2015. Some hours before take off we got a call from Akureyri, that there would be no possibility to fly because there was a snow storm in the highlands. A little bit disappointed we visited Goðafoss again and drove to a small historical farming house close to lake Myvatn. Close to the little houses is a church. I was not sure if we are allowed to enter the church but the door was unlocked. When I did my third step into the building a Death Metal song started and I was really surprised from where the Insect Warfare song came. Scared I thought, it would be a kind of alarm equipment inside the church but who the fuck uses a Death Metal song to chase people? Ha! My surprise, it was the ringtone of my mobile! I usually don`t have sounds on, so I didn`t know that I used a song for melody. A little bit bewildered I took the call – it was Akureyri again. The storm has gone and a flight would be possible. After a short counseling we decided to drive as fast as possible to Akureyri. The road conditions were not fair but it was our last chance, so we did it. A female pilot, an icelandic couple, 3 Germans inside a matchbox plane and forward! It was an incredible experience to fly over the frozen north. Lucky me, the wind conditions were ok and we reached Bárðarbunga in 40minutes. Insane view, fire, lava, smoke, blue sky, sunlight, heat. What a heat! Temperature in the interior highlands that time around – 23 degree celsius – near the fissure and inside the plane around 100000 degree celcius. 3 germans shooting like made with all available kinds of cameras inside the little plane. After 10 minutes around the volcano fissure we returned to Akureyri with side trip to Askja. Sunset still has begun and the light brought something mystic and demonic across the winter landscape.
10 min before landing – unhappy me – the strong winds came back. Inside the fjords we had a bang bang bong tock tock tock shaky flight. Our heads crashed on the booth of the plane and me camera kicked my eye badly. My stomach asked for leaving my body and the last minutes were a real horror show. But after landing everthing was fine. Totally flashed we saw the sun turning into more and more red colors. So we hurry up to drive back to Goðafoss to catch the scene! No wind and no icy road conditions could stop us. We had the purest sunset at all during our trip. It was the highlight of the whole week and surely I`ll never forget this day in my life.

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