Architectural Footprint by Marcel_Zizkat

If you dont look at it on black your underpants should not get clean in the washing machine anymore. 😀

Due to my own fold and the horrible Uploadmanager i deleted this file. Because some people asked me to upload it again…booom there it is…

There is definitely a tab missing like: “not-published pictures” or “private pictures”
I guess i will suggest that to 500px.

And I am thinking of doing a tutorial…
About how easy it is to fail in so many things….mostly techniqual ones 😀

While cruising around in Berlin for some nice spots to do some long exposed Black and White architecture shots, I passed this nice building with this awsome staircase.
I realy like this great architecture. So clean, so straight. This nice plants realy get some nice colortouch to the black and white atmosphere.

While having a look up there, this scenery realy reminded me on a footprint. Like an absolute individual footprint of the building. The nice edges of the stairs beeing the toes. With the ball of the foot and the heel.

Information about the picture as before:
A great architectural footprint of this nice building in the middle of Berlin.

Hope you enjoy the scenery.
Any comments are more than welcome.

via 500px

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