Inhabited? by AaronGroen

“Inhabited?” From a series of Dark Places…. by Aaron J. Groen
Milky Way stars shine bright over this long abandoned farm house in rural South Dakota.
I want to emphasize this is a single exposure. To accomplish the lighting in this shot I placed a bright flashlight inside the living room door of this abandoned house and in the room on the left I placed my phone with the screen flashlight app set on red and it is so dark out here that even with these lights and the crazy high ISO I still had to light paint the foreground and front of the house with my other flashlight. I was hoping to catch a couple Perseid meteors in the shot but no luck with this set up before I moved on to my next location. I did see many Perseid meteors last night just mostly off frame haha. This is a location I found a couple miles outside of Hurley, South Dakota last Saturday and returned last night. I have a feeling I will be back again, the front of this house is very unique looking for these type of old houses so I think a star trails shot or the next big Aurora would look great. Thanks for looking !
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