Pristine Dreams by JayDaley

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We all have those locations that we just dream of photographing under certain conditions and… Tasmanian’s pristine Dove Lake under a blanket of snow was one of mine.

When I arrived at Launceston with my camera, a sleeping bag and my tent I re-checked the conditions and the news was good – Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park was still under snow from the previous days storm. I scrambled to find a 4WD and set out on my way.

The drive wasn’t very re-assuring, there wasn’t a flurry seen but as soon as I approached the park everything changed. Dramatically. Suddenly everything around me was white.

After arriving at the visitors centre I was quickly informed that the road in was closed. CLOSED. Apparently there was no entering the park, except, on foot. Unfortunately the car parks were either full of snow or unavailable and with the hours until sunset disappearing quickly I didn’t have much time. I parked at the visitors centre, packed some supplies and set out on foot for the 20km return walk into the lake.

It was a stunning day, calm, clear and pleasant. After a hilly but relatively easy walk in I arrived at the lake and couldn’t believe that I was the only one there. Dove Lake all to myself on this incredible afternoon.

It really was one of those special moments that photography can bring. I would have loved for some colour at sunset but I couldn’t complain – this was, for me, as good as it gets.

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