Pathway to Glory 2 by NhtPhm

Please view on Black for better lighting!
This is another shot that I took at Manhattan Beach Pier, CA after work! We knew the date that the sun would be at the middle of the pier at sunset! So we were here early to wait for this moment. It was a great sunset that day and there were a lot of photographers came out to take photo. But I was so surprised that no one came and took photo under the pier except me and my friend. Maybe they didn’t know about this or they already took photos like this. Anyways, this pier is not popular as the Scripps pier in San Diego. I heard that there were a lot of photographers came to Scripps pier to capture a moment like this, so I’ve never been to that pier for the shot because of the crowd. I chose to take similar photo at Manhattan Beach and it’s not bad at all! 🙂
I really like this photo and I can’t wait for the next time. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my works everyone!

Photographed by: Nhut Pham
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA

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Nhut Pham Fine Art American | 500PX | Website | Flickr | Facebook Page

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