Bright Nebula in Ara ( NGC 6188 ) – by Mike O’Day ( ) by MikeODay

Bright Nebula NGC 6188 and open cluster NGC 6193 in Ara
by Mike O’Day

Magnitude +5.19, RA 16h 41m 42s, Dec -48deg 48′ 46″
Approx. 3800 light years away

Skywatcher Quattro 10″ f4 Newtonian.
Skywatcher AZ Eq6 GT Mount (on concrete pier)
Orion 80mm f5 guide scope and auto guider – PHD2.
Baader MPCC Mark 3 Coma Corrector, UHC-S ‘nebula’ filter.
Nikon D5300 (unmodified).
Field of view (deg) ~ 1.35 x 0.90.
UHC-S – 32 x 180 sec ISO800 (14bit NEF, Long Exp. NR on).
Pixinsight and photoshop
7 July 15 (processed 29 August 15)


via 500px

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