Lost in the Valley of Dreams by WaynePinkston

This is a “selfie” taken in a place called The Valley of Dreams. If you are lost it can be the Valley of Nightmares. It has become part of my routine, getting lost at night. Thankfully there is GPS so you know you will eventually get back to the car. Go out at night, park, hike, take photos, get lost or turned around.

Anyway, this place is called the Valley of Dreams and is in the New Mexico Badlands, located south of Farmington and the Bisti Badlands, and just North of Chaco Canyon. I was looking for interesting places that are not frequented, and this really fits the bill, being located in the middle of nowhere. There are many miles of dirt roads to reach this place. There is not much information on the internet on this area, but an excellent website is: http://ift.tt/1X19xV0. This is near the Ah-shi-sie-pah wilderness and an area called the Wilderness Study area.

This area is like Hoodoo Heaven, with small to medium hoodoos all around. The area pictured is one of the flatter areas, with a number of low ridges all around containing innumerable hoodoos. You are very unlikely to encounter other people here. The hoodoos are primarily mudstone hoodoos, with a softer base and a harder cap. The base erodes faster that the cap and creates many unique formations. More photos are just awaiting processing!

Thanks for taking the time to look. Hope you enjoy! Your time, faves, and comments are much appreciated!

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