Kullaberg Canyon by eyeofalens

Kullaberg Canyon really needs a black background.

Kullaberg Canyon
Well I finally made the return 100klm journey to Kullaberg
Saturday afternoon, after a 1 year gap. I’m so glad I did & excited about making many more returns in chasing & following up on ideas that evolved while there. I stayed there until about 10.15 until one of my batteries ran dead ( had back ups ) but by that time the clouds had rolled in, the moon was blazing though the clouds behind which pretty much dashed most attempts at capturing some stars & some other ideas I had.
In my haste & excitement to get up there I left my headlamp behind, but as the moon was fully out it pretty much acted as my lantern for my short time in Darkness. Apart from the one time I used my iPhone after nearly losing camera & tripod which was precariously balanced on sone rocks.
I did have my waders on this trip, but opted on this occasion staying dry & high.Will follow up on subsequent trips of getting low & wet ! Cant believe I have not explored more up here, considering its only about an 1hr journey, thats going to change.
I have processed this twice with 2 completely different variations of handling the light . This one the less moodier but brighter of the 2…will post the other at some other point to see which works best ?
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