Desert Fireworks by MAPhoto

In this shot under a powerful monsoonal storm cell in Arizona the landscape to me seemed it was only an audience there to take in the show. I feel like the variety of cactus add depth to the shot, but it is obviously more about the sky in this one. It was an incredible light show, taken right after the sun had sunk below the horizon and very nearly illuminated the clouds from underneath. To capture something like this I had to accept that I would follow the progress of the storm and take whatever foreground it offered me at the time the light was right, and fortunately I found the clearing you see here. While it may not flow as easily as my previous post, I still like this view for the power of the skies and sunset light.

This image comes from multiple exposures all taken without moving the camera within the span of a minute or two. All exposures were at 1 second, ISO 100.

Thanks for having a look!

via 500px

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