Tides by LorenzoNadalini

Le Mont Saint-Michel – France

I took this panorama from the from the terrace of the beautiful Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. From this height all become so small and you can also see the seagulls still in the middle of nowhere, footprints left on the sand and mud by people who walked around during the daytime.
As a rhythm, as the heart beat, but slower… Slower perhaps because nature has this pace.
While I was waiting for the right light I enjoyed the scene unfolding front of my eyes thinking how they form those fantastic streaks, those forms, those shades.
In fact the Bay there are many streams and rivulets that dig in the sand drawing incredible designs. Easy…but lovely.
Water slowly begins to retire. Then suddenly returns to silence. Again…and again.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1KUP2Vc

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