Colorful Morning by Pcoskun

Earlier this year I had a chance to join a friend and visit one of my favorite locations in the southwest. After a beautiful sunset and a chilly evening. I awoke before sunrise to get out onto the rock formations and find a few compositions. I typically like to find complex compositions with more unique angles, but when I saw this pool and this formation reflecting in it I figured I would go for something a little more straight forward. The few clouds in the sky just happened to be right above this spot and began to light up from the first rays of the sun. The scene transformed to beautiful blues, pinks, oranges, and purples. It truly reminded me of why these landscapes have inspired me for so long. Before I ever began photography, I always thought of the desert as bland and lifeless. However, after exploring a little bit I was obviously wrong. Most people who have never been in the desert would imagine miles of desolate sand and tumbleweed and shades of brown and tan. The desert indeed can come to life in extraoridnary fashion such as in this scene here. The seasonal pool of water and the reflection of the sandstone is probably the last thing people who have never been to the desert would think of. Add to that the amazing display of color that isn’t different shades of brown. Sometimes, I cannot believe I get to live in such an incredible landscape!

via 500px

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