Sunset over the Volterraio and Portoferraio by ManuelMartin1972

What you see here is a view over the Volterraio Castle on the top of the hill in the foreground and the location of Portoferraio in the distance on the left. The Castle is the most ancient fortification on the Island of Elba.

Well, to find this place was not really easy and everything began some couple of days before I made this shot here! We were shopping and while I was waiting that my wife choose a dress, I was looking some nice postcards from the island! And then I saw one amazing shot … a sunset shot from the location above! I said to me … wow, this is amazing … I must find this place during my vacation here!!! In big letters there was also the name „Volterraio“! The next couples of hours I was saying to me all the time „Volterraio, Volterraio, Volterraio…“ till to the next restaurant where I said to the waiter of a restaurant „We want to have a Coke, water, lemonade and for me a beer … and … oh boy, what was the name of that location??? Cuchinaio, Abatraio … something with Aio … DAMN!!! The next few days I was asking everyone I met about an amazing location with a hill and a castle and the sea at sunset … well, all the stuff on the picture! And finally one evening in a restaurant … we wanted to have some pizzas … I found again this name „Volterraio“. The waiter wanted to know what we would like to have for dinner. I told him: „Good evening … well, good that you are here … I have a problem … I’m looking for a place with a hill, and an old castle and in the background there is a city by the sea and everything in a golden light at sunset … and you know … bla bla bla … and please, ask also in the kitchen if anyone knows this place and … bla bla bla … and … ohhhhh, by the way, we would like to have 2 small pizzas Margherita, 1 pizza Salame Piccante, 2 pizzas Prosciutto Crudo, 2 bottles of water and …“. My wife and my sister were watching only to the ground, because they were ashamed of my behavior he he he 🙂 But hey, the chef came out of the kitchen and told me: „My friend, you are very popular in this region with your questions! What you are looking for is Volterraio!“. And he laughed! I was so happy 🙂 I had again the name!

One day later I was in the tourist information office. Well, I got a map with the location market I was looking for. I must tell you that normally in Switzerland where I live I use military maps when I’m on a hike, but here on Elba and without any internet access and no time I had to find this place with a tourist map. You know, this sort of maps like the one of Disneyland, with a big Mickey Mouse on the top left and every famous showplace was market with a big picture on the map! My god, look at which point I have sunk to hike with a Mickey Mouse map!!!!! But I found it he he he 🙂 The hike to this point was also a bit an adventure, but I think I will tell you the story in my next photo of this place! In the meanwhile I hope you like this picture here.

Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated 🙂


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