Valley of Dreams by WaynePinkston

This place is called the Valley of Dreams and is in the New Mexico Badlands, located south of Farmington and the Bisti Badlands, and just North of Chaco Canyon. I was looking for interesting places that are not frequented, and this really fits the bill, being located in the middle of nowhere. There are many miles of dirt roads to reach this place. There is not much information on the internet on this area, but an excellent website is: This is near the Ah-shi-sie-pah wilderness and an area called the Wilderness Study area.

There are innumerable small to medium mudstone hoodoos here, a fascinating wilderness of eroded stone. The rock here is not red rock, but a much paler gray-brownish color.

Thanks for taking the time to look. Hope you enjoy! Your time, likes, and comments are much appreciated!

This is a single exposure.

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