The Softness Of Silk by zemestane59bood

Iran, West Of Gilan. Zomorrod Waterfall.

Zomorrod waterfall efforts location E484919 N380651 located in Gilan province. Havigh city is located 40 kilometers north of the city and the city’s efforts Havigh and Chubar newly formed combination of two villages a few kilometers from the town, by the seaside coastal land to forest in the highlands of the foothill, and the placement Facades can be easily Caspian beautiful sea view …
The efforts of Tvlsh (flower-rich) is derived which means flower production, and the extension location and the word is gradually becoming efforts. Waterfalls efforts among the region’s mountain forests
To achieve this waterfall should Vali Asr Street through the city to the upstream side. I think it is about 10 km away. Earthy and rather awkward. However, about a third of the way is paved and the rest of the earth. Of Havigh should go to Zomorrod Village. Village after village’s neighborhood is emerald. It is better if your car rides and elegant, it is in front of or next to the primary school Nasr mosque in the village of Fethullah your neighborhood and the rest of the way to walk. Fethullah neighborhood of the waterfall about 45 minutes to an hour walk is required. Of course, if your car or jeep or Land Rover Nissan Patrol and is going to Emerald Village, the last village of the waterfall is not too hard. But for passenger cars, such as Pride and hard and should be risk. The village is downhill emerald waterfall and takes 10 to 15 minutes..

Two famous twin waterfall close to each other that one of the twins, but larger and more wet and the next low water and smaller. The low water cascade and a few meters above the staircase is a two step waterfall with a height of about four and about eight meters Dard.vly Great Falls about 15 meters high. Say ten minute walk is required to get to the waterfall which is located above a large waterfall. But the lower elevations of the Cascades upstream.
It is said that so far several people have died falling from the original waterfall. Because the top of the waterfall because water has algae and extremely slippery. So those who go to the top of the waterfall must be extremely careful.
Havigh city beach tourism is also ready to welcome travelers. The project is located on the side of the road and the beach with good facilities for the New Year’s travelers. Coastal tourism project Havigh one kilometer away from the main road Astara efforts Havigh located within the city limits can be very effective role in the development of the tourism sector in play Havigh. plan Havigh coastal stretch on the beach with linearly to locate a variety of features and utilities and tourism with a view to the sea and also the good, the atmosphere is very appropriate to forest lands.

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