Just a little homework by horazio

Lou’s been a schoolgirl for over 6 weeks now. She really likes school but homework is hard. Right now they have to rework Einstein’s field equations.

This image was very important for me. After the last frustrations with 3D-work I had to find a way to get faster and better rendering results. And I’m so happy I’ve found a tutorial from Mario Baluci (nice guy from Italy) which was a key to render the background of this scene fast and clean (at least faster and cleaner as with the everywhere propagated IR-caching GI method). Another thing I tried is to model as low-poly as it gets. I’m not afraid of edges and corners in the viewport anymore and with the right phong-tag settings you can build a scene like this easily with a poly-count below 500’000. This two enlightenments together made me fall in love with 3D again.

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via 500px http://ift.tt/1MVK1xI

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