Explore Beyond by Pcoskun

This is an image I took earlier this year while scouting around for wildflowers. I had driven by this area countless times en route to other destinations that have hardly ever paid off. I was about to do the same again when I just decided why not. I pulled off the side of the road and began walking up a hill that dropped back down again. I always thought the views from the road were pretty nice, but when I got to the edge of this canyon I was pretty impressed. It’s a spot not many really photograph let alone visit despite it’s proximity to the road (and how far you feel like walking out). I noticed a few routes that went down to the bottom which I took note of and will check them out when the weather gets a little cooler here in the desert (it’s still 100+ degrees in the desert!). I didn’t think I would get much for sunset, but the light pushed through and just barely reached into my view. It’s a spot I will likely revisit, but I found it to be quite special for my first time checking it out. Sometimes it pays to go rogue…

via 500px http://ift.tt/1FHnMc5

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