Jurassic Beach by johannesnollmeyer

This was the last photo, i shot on the trip through spain with Guerel Sahin and one of my favorites at the same time. When we woke up, the sky didn’t seem very interesting, but we decided to hike to a tiny bay though. While i was composing this shot, the sky broke and we got an awesome sunrise mood for a few minutes.

Some of you might have seen this photo on 500px yet and wonder why i reuploaded it: i had to realize, that i did not post the same photo as you’ve enjoyed on facebook. many of you may know the thing, when you save your files and feel to make some little changes then to round the image up – after that, i chose the wrong file. i feel sorry, but i’d really appreciate, if you want to support me again 🙂 thanks!

I also feel honored to say, that this photo was selected and featured by Landscape Photography Magazine as well!

If you like my work, feel free to follow me on facebook, instagram and of course, here on 500px! 🙂

via 500px http://ift.tt/1Gf7Bh4

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