Superstar by MilesMorganPhotography

I’m not sure why I am posting another dark image that *SHOULD BE VIEWED ON BLACK*. Probably because it matches my cold, dark heart.

The title of this image is inspired by my buddy David “DBreezy” Thompson. Not only is he a superstar, but right now the song “Superstar” by the Carpenters is stuck in my head. You know the one…. “LOOOOOONNLINEESSS, IS SUCH A SAD AFFFAAAIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR”. (And now it’s stuck in YOUR head. You’re welcome). I’m supposed to be out there with Breezy shooting up the fall colors right now, but sometimes real life gets in the way. Since I look forward to my trips with my friends more than just about anything on earth, this is a lonely week for me. Brings me back to the time I made this image.

I had a long Las Vegas layover, and before leaving on my all-nighter, Breezy kindly took me out and showed me this wondrous spot in what is essentially his back yard. We waited through the insane heat of the evening and into the ridiculous heat of night for the stars to appear.

I wandered off for awhile to explore the surroundings leaving Breezy to catch up with some work issues on his phone. When I came back he was just sitting there staring intently at the thing, completely absorbed. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but it was a rather loud conversation with a lot of “F%^&” and “NAW, THAT S&*$# AIN’T WORKIN SON”, and “I WILL STRAIGHT KNOCK YOU THE F%^$ OUT”‘s. I didn’t want to interrupt what was obviously an unpleasant conversation, so I crept quietly up the side of the hill so as not to disturb him. Completely involved in the conversation, Breezy was oblivious to my presence, and I noticed him rocking side to side and kind of jerking around during his rant. “Damned”, I thought, “I’m sure as hell glad I’m not on the other end of THAT conversation!!” As he had his phone out in front of him and not up to his ear, I didn’t want to be rude and overhear what the punching bag on the other end of the line was saying as I was sure he was on speaker phone. No fear of that, however, as it was clearly a very one-sided conversation. I mean REALLY one-sided. Like, I was there for 5 minutes and didn’t hear ONE WORD out of the phone. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and I looked over his shoulder at his phone to see who he was talking to and discovered there was no call.

He was playing Super Mario Kart

Lastly, there is nothing worse than being late when flying an all-nighter. You just want to take off, get there, and go to bed. On this evening, however, I would like to thank the Delay God’s for making my flight 2 hours late because it allowed us to stay long enough to get the milky way to line up in the image. If you were on my flight, I apologize for A) our tardy departure, and B) looking and smelling like a drowned sweaty rat when I arrived at work.

via 500px

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