dune at the river mouth by fredmatos

Traveling, meeting other cities, new landscapes, cultural and different customs of my people and their stories, their projects, their dreams. This is my hobby, in which the picture is integrated as an accomplice, as a justification, like a third eye, also as an instrument through which I can relive every moment lived outside of my daily life.

Some images appeal to me just by the way, by the traces, the contrast between the volumes, colors, light.

This is a simple image recorded on my most recent trip to the mouth of the São Francisco River in northeastern Brazil: a couple down the sand dune, a woman and a child up. I prefer that there were large clouds in the sky, but there was. As I said is a simple image, almost minimalist, it may be precisely why I liked it.

I hope you also enjoy.

Good weekend for all.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1QAHLKn

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