Dark Wasteland by erax7

32 image panorama at the Pinnacles in Western Australia. Last of 3 panoramas that I did on this night with the setting crescent moon creating a back lit situation and causing long shadows from the spires of the Pinnacles in the foreground.

The zodiacal light reaches up into the sky. This particular time was harder to post process than the other 2 images because of the light was still changing marginally after sunset.

I didn’t post process this one till last because there were stitching issues which I managed to deal with using PTgui pro and using control points to make sure that it all connected properly.

I might have a few more night photography opportunities this year – not sure due to the later sunsets and the earlier setting of the milky way combined with the less than ideal moon cycles.

I’ve been experimenting with a few more things recently (not yet posted anywhere) and some failures are leading to some problem solving to overcome it – I’m fairly sure that I can given time and experimenting.


via 500px http://ift.tt/1juQ7J1

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