Desert Fireworks by MAPhoto

If you missed this image the first time, here it is again. I have never reposted any images here before, but had said that I would do so in this case, because the first image did not meet my artistic vision nor standards despite being well received with 2500 favs. I removed the first version amidst much complaining and I do apologize if you had left a comment the first time.

In other, more important news, I have returned from the Everest region of Tibet after a month spent in China recently and am busy preparing to launch my new website on November 15th of this year. At that time only will my new images be posted, including dozens of new works, unless you happen to be at YellowKorner Gallery in Hong Kong tomorrow evening for my media event and pre-release showing.

Until then, this shot from this past summer’s storm chase in Arizona will need to suffice, as it makes too good an addition to my portfolio collection here to leave out despite the fact it won’t see as much attention the second time around. This image was 2-second exposures minutes after the sun had set, and to obtain it I pretty much drove around like crazy following storm cells until that time occurred, and composed what I found.

via 500px

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