Dawn by MichaelBollino

One of the most intense sunrises of my life unfolds over the still waters of Trout Lake. This is a bit different for me as it doesn’t include a clear, dominant subject. I usually shy away from processing and posting images that seem to push forward only conditions, light, or a intensely colored sky. For me, a strong geographic element is essential. Light, color, atmosphere are there primarily to complement the landscape feature, not to be a focal point itself. But then again, when you experience a sunrise like this is hard to resist bringing the image into the light of day. I know many may see this differently. I guess that’s the beauty of photography — everyone is free to approach it whichever way they’d like.

I’ve been much more active on INSTAGRAM lately, posting new stuff, old stuff, and behind of the scenese stuff.
As always you can see my complete portfolio on my WEBSITE

via 500px http://ift.tt/1jCA4sH

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