We had been driving around Tsavo East for almost two days without having seen any lions at all which is very unusual. As we rounded a corner my daughter who was sitting on the roof with her sister squeaked LIONS !!!!
I had virtually driven over their tails as they lay under a bush on the side of the road sheltering from the sun.
After reversing back as “safe” distance we settled down to see what would happen, and waited, and waited….and waited……
After half an hour of complete inactivity I decided to open the door of the car and get down to eye level to see if I could get a shot. As I started clicking away the “sleeping” lioness lifted her head and started straight at me with a look that I still find hard to either describe or forget.
Needless to say I was back in the car and wife and kids were off the roof faster than I could say “pass the camera”
Happily she settled down to sleep again almost immediately and left me with this lasting memory !!!

via 500px

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