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Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
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Finally home from almost a month in Norway. Holy crap, what a trip. The first half was spent leading one of the best tours I’ve ever led with my dear friend Arild Heitmann. The forecast looked pretty bad leading up to it, but at the last minute it changed, the skies cleared, and one of the best solar storms in the past decade gave us amazing shows 6 nights in a row. I honestly think some of the guys on the trip were starting to get bored with how much Aurora we got… which I’m sure pisses off my wife, because when she flew out to meet me there the following weeks it pissed rain and we could barely get any northern lights to save our lives. But the stormy and moody light that followed made for awesome shooting as well.

This is from one of the nights where we stayed out shooting and didn’t get back to our cabins until after 3am. I even think some of the dudes stayed up for another hour or so to have celebratory beers after an epic night of shooting. Maniacs.

Arild and I have another big tour available for next March where we will be shooting the crazy mountains of the Lofoten Islands with light and aurora, but hopefully with a little more snow! It will fill fast, so check it out soon!

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