Night of the Lights by Arild_Heitmann

A few weeks ago i wrapped up a fantastic week long workshop together with dear friend Ryan Dyar. The week before the trip was filled with storms and just nasty weather. I was worried that the whole trip would be spent in a cabin, watching Ryans weird youtube favourites (not that theres anything wrong with that). Well, it turned out to be the greatest week anyone could imagine. We had CRAZY auroras for 6 straight nights, and we shot it at some killer locations. After night 3 one of the clients said “this is an aurora orgy”. Orgies have a good ring to it, so i take that as something positive. By the end of the trip another client had problems with green blotches on his images. Im pretty sure it was the aurora that was burnt onto his sensor.

This particular shot was typical for how i shoot these things. Water rushing around me, up to my waist in a river. What a crazy and incredibly cool night! Oh, theres even a shooting star up there.

If you want to join us in Lofoten and Chase scenes like this and have tons of crazy fun along the way, please check out

You wont regret it!

Me and Ryan are doing another trip in late march. Still time to join that one! I hear its the funniest trips around 🙂

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