Ferns in the Mist by ManuelMartin1972

We were during a week in the Swiss Alps to hike. Well, and the weather forecast predicted sunny weather for the entire week. Oh how cool this is he he he. And when we finally arrived at our house in the Alps the sun was shining and laughing 😉 I decided on the same day to make a walk because I simply had to go out. But I should have known it better. In the mountains, the weather can change at any time. And in fact, in the middle of a forest suddenly the weather really changed. Drizzling rain, fog, snow and a very bad visibility? What? … Damn, not again bad weather! My God, and so it remained throughout the entire week. When I read the weather forecast again there were suddenly only black clouds and snowflakes instead of small suns marked as pictographs. I now believe that the weather god is performing an experiment with me just to driving me crazy slowly he he he. Well, I always take what I get and made the best of this situation, and in addition my dog loves this weather … it is always too hot for him in his fur he he he. When I came to this place, the atmosphere was really very mystical and beautiful and I could not resist this temptation and made this photo here. I hope you like it.

Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated 🙂


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