Hello Ween by joe_plasmatico

Hello dear subsoil dwellers and suburban lovers.

Wishing you all a pleasant Halloween times, lot’s of spook, candies and shocking moments.^^

Usually it takes days for a good preparation for this kind of shooting to get everything together, but this one was a spontaneous first try.

I came from an other shooting and had this requisites with me (did the ‘Spring Love’ shooting beforehand).

This selfie I managed to take in only a couple of minutes, sending out my riddle and message before the police was closing in.

Glad I had my orange BMW convertible getaway cart with me and so I could perform the classy trick disappearing into darkness, waiting there patently and making up new plans and surface again pretty soon.

Trick or Treat (°.°)

via 500px http://ift.tt/1OedymE

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