Wandering in the Badlands by WaynePinkston

This is a panorama of one of the flatter areas in the Bisti Badlands in NW New Mexico. A few photos back I downloaded a view of a small wash or ravine surrounded by steep stony hills or ridges. http://ift.tt/1QdfGvm badlands are a mixture of both broad flat areas (with many moderate to small hoodoos), mixed with long areas of water cut ravines and ridges. Both have their own unique beauty. It’s certainly easier to walk around in the flat areas, and the flatter areas have most of the named hoodoos, but to get to these areas you usually have to negotiate the hills and ravines. It’s a fun but lonely and desolate place at night. The first night I went there a German couple was trailer camping in the parking area and I parked near them. I was going out a little before sunset, and he said, “You’re going out there? Now?” The chances that you will be alone out there at night are just about 100%. After all, who is crazy enough to go out there at night?

Thanks for taking the time to look. Hope you enjoy!

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