Reflection by Pcoskun

There is something magical about this particular section of the narrows. Last year on my first visit, I was overwhelmed at the beauty of this dark and narrow canyon. On this recent trip, the main goal was to photograph autumn color throughout the canyons. However, on this particular morning I had my mind set on spending some quality time amid my favorite part of this remarkable canyon. Unlike last years visit, I took a beeline straight to “wall street”. I knew if I could get there quickly and ahead of the rest of the hikers I would have the place all to myself. When I finally reached my destination, I took a moment to appreciate my surroundings. Towering canyon walls with the sound of water echoing throughout made me feel at peace. There was no place I would rather have been at this moment other than standing in the middle of this river. It would have made for a great self portrait and reminded me of those images of hikers peering out into the endless wilderness. I wish I would have thought of that looking back at this, but I will always have the memory of being there and the few photos I captured of the moments enjoyed. I was able to enjoy this spot for nearly a half hour before the first few people caught up to me. On the way out, I encountered enough people to make me really appreciate my quality time here in this canyon. If you have never been to the narrows in Zion National Park, I highly recommend a trip up the river. It is surely one of the most incredible experiences you will have in nature.

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