Spread your wings by roaldgoossen

Fisherman casting the net on the Li River in Guangxi, China. I was actually a little afraid of the rain, because my camera is not waterproof. You can clearly see the raindrops in the foreground, so I was almost soaked after this shot, but thankfully my camera is still working. So what is the history behind this photo: With just a bird, a gas lamp and a net, each morning, fisherman in China keep a special, thousand year old tradition alive.
Sailing peacefully across a river, the men fish without the aid of a rod with this unusual method, which was first practiced in 960 AD.
The men, pictured in southern China, release a cormorant bird, which then dives into the water and retrieves a carp, returning it to the fisherman’s reed raft. Thanks for viewing!

via 500px http://ift.tt/1Nw7YXj

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