Fury by MAPhoto


Well, let’s start with the fact that the new http://www.marcadamus.com is up and running today, and all images have now been updated and are viewable in higher resolution.

Next up, let’s talk about 500px. We DO NOT know what happened to the last picture I posted here. I did NOT take it down myself, and no amount of contacting the admin so far has accounted for its loss. Weird, huh? Maybe they should get back to me.

Now for this photo, well, this is a favorite of mine from my recent travels. There aren’t many images that capture the power of these greatest peaks in the world very well, but for me this comes close. These are the spires below the 8000m summit of Makalu in the light of an approaching storm. Snow is blowing over the ridge and clouds are building below. This was taken at 400mm.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1MPNOH4

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