Sun Valley by MAPhoto

The incredible uniqueness of Tibet’s Kharta Valley is that it may be the only place on Earth where you can be find the colors of Autumn near the base of 8000m high peaks, like the Makalu massif in the background here. While the logistics of getting the permits to get here are outrageously forbidding, we had some great local help and great luck getting in, so my highest priority became finding a way to capture this landscape with these two elements together. While this particular rendition shows off both, it shows off the light more than anything, which was a fair trade since it was one spectacular evening for light. The image involved an unusually large amount of work on just about everything in post processing, including hours of color and contrast work to cut through the haze and retain the correct tones. Anyway, hope you like it. It’s a stitch of 3 14mm images.

via 500px

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