The Edge of Tomorrow by iluvmtns2

This was my first time to Dead Horse Point, I arrived in the parking lot about 25 minutes before sunset. Not knowing where the best vantage point would be I franticly rushed around the edge of the canyon at Dead Horse State Park. I come to one spot I guess where most people shoot from which was lined with cameras but wanted a different take for this canyon, so my rush continued with real fear I would not find my different spot before sunset. Not much color yet, lots of clouds along with the man made clouds from heavy arousal spraying for several days, which I believe is the reason for the haze in the canyon and the great colors in the sunset.

Finally I found this spot which did not have so many people close by, I had to stay back from the edge so as not to get numerous people in the shot and I liked the beauty of the rocks where I stood as part of my foreground. I know my composition could have been better but this is what happens when you are up against nature’s time clock. The sunset showed off for me, so happy for that and so worth my frantic rush to get this shot. My sister is sitting nestled down on a small ledge to the right to take some shots of her own, she is so small in comparison.

The park is so named because of its use as a natural corral by cowboys in the 19th century, where horses often died of exposure.

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