Ama Dablam and the Milky Way by shanezanath

Ama Dablam is arguably the most scenic mountain in the Everest region (which would arguably make it the most scenic mountain in the world). I was fortunate to capture the Milky Way rising above the horizon, as clouds engulfed the area I was standing only a few minutes later. Actually, I was pretty lucky to have GPS in the clouds as well, as I would of had no idea where I was going until I got above the clouds! It was a little sketchy for a minute.
I would of liked to capture Everest with the Milky Way, although because it rises in the Southern sky, this was not possible from Nepal. The moonlight, although not severe, definitely interfered with washing out the Milky Way. I’ve been incredibly impressed with how much you can recover from this dilemma when using Tony Kuyper’s luminosity masks and V4 panel functions in Photoshop.

via 500px

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