The Fallen at Sunrise by Dustin_Wong_Photography

I took a trip recently down to Phoenix and did a quick tour of the area. Inspired by the brilliant work of Peter Coskun who has captured this area like no other I decided I needed to see this place. The Kofa Mountains are a couple hours east of Phoenix and are fairly remote. Even though not very many people visit this place I did happen to run into some other photographers out there including Patrick Ong, Glenn Pono, & Raymond Santiago. It’s a bit strange to meet photographers in in real life whose work I’ve admired on the internet, but I guess this community is quite small and it should not be so much of surprise anymore.

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This time of year the plants are desperate for water and many are struggling to survive. The fallen had succumbed to the desert and lay on the ground like a tangled mess of alien tentacles. The cholla run wild.

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