Sometimes one is just plain lucky !!!
On my way home from an art gallery party one night, I noticed that there was a very clear sky. I made an “on the spur of the moment” decision to grab my camera and tripod and walk down onto our beach to see what it all looked like from there.
A super low tide meant that I could get away from the Palm trees and Casurina trees so that I could actually see the milky way clearly going from one horizon to the other.
Through a slight wine haze and much to my wife’s amusement I started clicking away knee deep in water, while trying to remember if I had all my settings correct.
The next morning when I managed to stitch all the photos together with a surprisingly cooperative LR I saw that this amazing sand ripple arch reflected the shape of the MW arch lending the photo a real feeling of symmetry.
Several repetitive nights never gave me the same conditions, and now that the skies here are more or less cloud free, the MW has dipped under the horizon.
While I have seen that photography is 99% planning and preparation, every now and then it is also just pure luck!!
This is a total of 21 photos, 3 lines of 7 photos, with the lower line along the beach at 15sec, and the upper two lines at 25sec.

via 500px

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