Refresh by dss1960

I have been on 500px for a year now and I’ve had the time of my life. This is a “refresh” of an image I posted titled “Pointing Cameras at Stuff”. I wish I could just replace it, but I have to repost. It would be nice to just hit that “refresh” button.

I received a lot of comments and good advice encouraging me to post pictures I like and not worry about what others think. I discovered I wasn’t crazy about that version of the pic. I’ve learned so much since then – not just about light painting, warping, etc. – but the real complicated stuff like making sure it’s 16 bit when converting from RAW.

It’s Thanksgiving in America, a time to reflect and give thanks for what we have – a time to “refresh” and focus on what’s really important – faith, family and friends. As we near a new year. may we all be able to hit that “refresh” button.

I want to say thanks for all the “likes” and “no likes” you’ve all given. Each has made me just a bit better at the photography I love so much.

Special thanks to Eamon, Martin, Michael, Nathan, Miles, Ryan, Perri and Chris for all your encouragement and advice. I appreciate it.

Whether you celebrate the formal holiday or just keep the spirit of the holiday in your heart – I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

via 500px

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