Bloody Nuns by everlookphotography

Nuns Veil
Mount Cook National Park

It’s our last morning at Mount Cook and the forecast was for 100% cloud. I wake at 4am looking outside from the south end of Lake Pukaki and there’s a hint of stars. I figured we only had a short drive to Wanaka that day so I could have a sleepy day. Our previous three days here have been predominantly blue sky days except the previous evening which was Marianne’s turn to visit Hooker Lake ( where she got a ZZZ set of conditions – zero , zilch, zip (complete with finger signs) . Because of kid’s routines we hadn’t really been to many of the places around the park we would have liked to – Mt Wakefield, Ball Hut, Sealy Tarns etc.
As I drove north, the cloud really did start to blanket over but hey, I’m up for a boulder dash any time! So up I went on this 1km walk to witness maybe 20 seconds of passing light (this is it!) followed by ongoing grey. This is a very cool spot and hopefully the dark processing reflects the kind of morning that was on offer. Our premeditated trips to locations while on holiday with the kids has taught us to adapt our shooting to whatever mother nature throws at us (apart from really dire conditions) but hopefully a premeditated walk here on another day will yield some direct light!

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