Golden Age by DigitalArtPhotography

::: Satya Yuga :::

The satia-iuga is the first of the ages of the world.

Satia-IUGA in total lasts 4800 years: the era itself 4000 years, the beginning (dawn) 400 years and end (sunset) another 400 years.

These are 4800 years of men, 2 but later Hinduism as 3 are 4800 years of the gods (which amount to 1,728,000 years of men).

The method of spiritual liberation in this first era is dhiana (‘meditation’).

In this higher IUGA, everyone can experience spirituality by direct intuition. The veil between the realms of the transcendental material and becomes almost transparent. According to Natia Shastra, no presentations Natia (dance) in the satia-IUGA because it is a period free of any kind of unhappiness or misery. Satia-IUGA is also called the Golden Age.

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